Prof. Arun Nigavekar

Executive Director

Dakshina Fellowship holder of Rajaram College in Kolhapur and a SIDA Fellowship awardee, Prof. Nigavekar, aged 69, is a renowned physicist and educationist with over 40 years in academics. He has contributed significantly to technology enhancement in the utility and quality of higher education and its internationalization - aptly therefore titled the father of the quality movement in higher education by the former President of India, Hon. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Among the prominent positions that Prof. Nigavekar has held, are, Vice Chairman and Chairman of UGC, Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet, and Vice Chancellor of University of Pune.

Prof. Nigavekar has held several other positions of authority at Government and non-Government institutions in India and abroad. He has also been awarded honorary doctorates by several renowned Indian universities.

He has won several honours notable being Phia Foundation Award - a UNESCO honour, Swami Vivekanand Award, Advocate D R Nagakar Award, Shiromani Award, Delhi Ratan Award.

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