The objective of Core Education & Technologies Ltd. on Corporate Governance is to create and adhere to a corporate culture of transparency, accountability, integrity and openness. CORE aims to develop a balance between individual interest with corporate goals and operate within accepted norms of propriety, equity and sense of justice through the efficient conduct of business and meeting its stakeholder obligations.

At CORE, our pursuit is to adopt best governance and disclosure practices, which is most important to enhance the trust of employees, shareholders and stakeholders in the company. As far as compliance with the requirements of clause 49 of the listing agreement with the stock exchange on which shares of the company are listed, the company is in compliance with the norms and disclosures that have to be made under Corporate Governance Format.

The Board of Directors (the "Board") and the senior management of Core Education and Technologies Ltd., subscribe to the following adopted Code of Conduct.
They would:
  • Use due care and diligence in performing their duties and in exercising their powers.
  • Act honestly and use their powers of office, in good faith and in the best interests of the company in particular and society in general
  • Not make improper use of information nor take improper advantage of their position
  • Not allow personal interests to conflict with the interests of the company
  • Recognize that though their primary responsibility is to shareholders they should have regard for the interests of all stakeholders of the company
  • Not engage in conduct likely to bring discredit upon the company in particular and society in general
  • Be independent in judgments and actions, and to take all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the soundness of all decisions taken by the Board of Directors
  • Ensure the confidentiality of information they receive whilst being in office
  • Ensure that all actions taken by each individuals and the company for as a whole is in consonance with the corporate social responsibilities of the company